Michael’s Day Off Advice


I decide to take an early night off (ENO) and head to Boston (Counselors have gone to Montreal).

I leave camp just before 6 pm, pick up dinner on the way down to Boston. After the stop, I get to Boston and check into the hotel around 10pm/11pm.

I wake up early in Boston and start the day by going up the Prudential Center for a 360 view of the harbor.

Then, I head over to the waterfront for a walk while taking in the sights and end up at the dock for the Whale Watching.

The whale watching tours last for two to four hours, and in that time I not only get to see Humpback Whales in the open ocean but a view of the entire Boston skyline.

Once I’m back on dry land, I decide to head over to TD Garden the home of the Boston Celtics and Bruins for a tour of the stadium. This gets me into the sporting mood, ready to catch the subway over to Fenway.

I walk around Fenway getting some Red Sox merchandise before heading into the game and getting immersed in the atmosphere and the refillable drinks and all-American food that Fenway has to offer! The game finishes around 10 pm, and I head back to camp stopping for a snack on the way back to the van.

Don’t expect to get an early night on these trips. You need to be sharp for the morning!!