Ben’s Day Off Advice


I start my day off by sleeping in before going out to breakfast at the Purple Cow with other counselors. After breakfast, we traverse the local Oakland-Waterville area and head to various stores in town. After running a few errands, we head to the local Ice Cream Shop located just minutes from camp for one of their famous lobster rolls or some delicious sandwiches and milkshakes.

Around mid-afternoon, once we have finished our lunch, we head back to camp to drop off our purchases. And while sometimes a mid-afternoon nap is needed, more often than not we reconvene and head off to the local movie theater or bowling alley. At around dinnertime, we treat ourselves to a delicious Maine seafood meal before heading back to camp to watch another one of Manitou’s famous sunsets. After the sun sets and most of the campers are asleep, I typically head up to Alumni Hall to play some pick-up basketball before heading off to bed in preparation for the busy week ahead.