Preparing For Your Activity Area

All Manitou staff members have a primary activity, as stated in your contract, that they will teach.  Many of the teaching areas include multiple staff.  During orientation, you will be given time to meet with your co-instructors to plan activities and lessons.  You should bring appropriate equipment for your activity (ie: tennis staff should bring their racket, and proper footwear, but do not need to bring tennis balls).
Instructional classes are scheduled in three-day cycles, so your teaching program should be structured with this in mind.

Campers elect their own classes and may continue on with the same instructional after three days or move on to another three-day class.

Counselors are assigned according to the number of campers that signup for their particular activity. All classes are organized, attendance is taken, and camper progress checklists are submitted at the end of each three-day cycle.

In May, we will send additional information to help you plan for your teaching classes.