Time Away From Camp

When given the opportunity to take time off, you should take it because being a Manitou counselor is hard work.  We intentionally set our day off schedule so about 1/3 of our staff members have days off together. Manitou directors are often able to help groups secure vehicles and make plans so you are able to see Maine, go to the beach or even visit Boston.  Taking time away will allow you to refresh and recharge and also take a small break from the everyday responsibilities of camp life.

For more advice, check this article from Camping Magazine.

The camp schedule is busy and things can change quickly due to weather or special events and activities may start at different times, therefore, we need to make sure all staff are available and accounted for during the day. 

On nights when you are off duty, camp vans may be available for sign-out after lights out for staff trips into town. 

We expect staff members will conduct themselves in a manner befitting a Manitou counselor when off duty whether in or out of camp. Failure to comply with camp policies during time off may result in termination.