Our Community

We are guests in this community. Many of our neighbors in Oakland, Waterville and the surrounding towns are long-time friends. Several are your co-workers live in those communities. Treating our neighbors with respect and courtesy at all times is non-negotiable, and be sure that your campers do the same.

Staff Life
Aside from counselor, director and activity responsibilities, there is a lot for staff to do in the Manitou community and beyond. We encourage you to responsibly take part in the staff events, trips, and outings that take place throughout the summer.

Some (but not all) of the Manitou Staff Events include:

  • Weekly events at camp for off-duty staff, giving everyone a chance to get together, socialize and have some kid-free fun.

  • Counselor games (soccer, basketball, etc.) will be scheduled for those wishing to play. These are often played to campers and staff in the audience.

  • Impromptu trips to favorite Maine locations (such as a pool hall, bowling, open mic nights, movies and more) are often planned and announced during orientation and at various points during the summer.

  • 12-seater vans are available for use on nights and days off. You must have prior authorization and a valid van driver. Please refer to van rules for more details.

  • The Toubucks staff lounge has computers, TV, books and an area to relax with friends

Important Note:

  • Please ensure that your camp duties come first, and that your unit leader and head counselor are informed when you’ll be involved in a staff event that takes place during work hours.

  • When you go out of camp, you still represent Manitou and your behavior should reflect that. Be courteous to the businesses that you visit and respectful of our neighbors and local authority. Your actions both in and out of camp will be considered in your employment at camp.

  • Refrain from walking on Rt. 137 at night, and use caution during the day. It’s a windy road and cars move quickly.

  • Under no circumstances, should anyone drive personal or camp vehicles under the influence of alcohol. Taxis are available and should be used if needed.