Career Development

Your job this summer is to be a role model and leader for kids, ensuring their safety and well-being, along with helping them grow into wonderful, well-rounded men; and in doing so, you are developing skills that will make you a more attractive job candidate for future employers.   Camp management (i.e. directors) will be available to help hone these skills, as they relate to camp, and also as they can and will be used in other areas of a counselor’s life and eventual profession.  As a Manitou counselor, you will grow your skills related to:
– leadership
– team building
– supervision
– mentoring
– communication
– cooperation
– problem-solving
– conflict resolution
– program development


We support our staff who are interested in furthering their careers through their experience as a staff member.

Below are a few resources that might help you research opportunities  (and some articles that explain how and why being a counselor will help you :):