If you are to be teaching in the following specialty areas, it would help greatly if you brought the following equipment: lacrosse (stick and gloves); photography (camera); ice hockey (skates & pads); golf (clubs); tennis (racquet); water-skiing (wet suit); baseball (glove). Having this equipment means you will not have to borrow from the camp.
Borrowing equipment from campers is not allowed.

Staff Shirts

New staff members will receive a complete set of staff shirts. Returning staff will be able to purchase individual shirts for a nominal fee, if they do not have a complete set. Staff will be required to wear staff shirts each day, from breakfast until after dinner, throughout the summer. One long sleeve shirt is included in the set so pack accordingly.

Sheets, Pillows, and Blankets

International staff will be provided linens and a pillow upon arrival at camp. A blanket may be borrowed as well but it is recommended you bring your own.

Please do not bring any major electrical items to camp. In addition, cell phones and laptops are not permitted in cabins and, if brought, must be stored in your vehicle, locker or camp safe.

Cabin Ideas

Books for bedtime stories, short stories, and quiet games are great to share with your campers in the evening.

Music is a big part of camp life. We have talent shows, campfires and theater performances throughout the summer. If you have an instrument (guitar, harmonica, trumpet, etc.) bring it…we want to share these talents with our camp family.