Smoke-Free Campus Policy

Manitou maintains a camp-wide tobacco-free policy(This includes smoking, vaping, chewing and dipping tobacco) for all employees, customers, and visitors in order to provide a clean, healthy, productive, and safe environment for all.

This policy is in effect during and after work hours and will apply to:

• All Manitou employees throughout the work day;

• Parents, vendors, clients, consultants, contractors, and all other visitors.

Smoking and tobacco use of any kind will be prohibited on all Manitou owned and/or leased locations/premises; all internal and external areas, and parking lots; all entrances and exits; and all company owned and/or leased vehicles. Additionally, the policy will be in place at all company sponsored events—both on our premises and at external locations.

Employees who choose to use tobacco products must do so on their regularly scheduled breaks (ie. during nights off and days off but not between reveille and lights out) and off Manitou property.

No ashtrays are permitted in any indoor or outdoor area on company premises.