Staff Management Structure

Camp Directors:
Jon Deren, Sara Deren, David Schiff and Lisa Schiff. Oversee all camp operations and are the final word on all situations involving personnel (hiring and firing). Manage maintenance, laundry, kitchen, medical, office and directorial staff. Watch over all expenditures. No camp funds are spent without their approval.

Head Counselor:
Oversees all camp cabin and activity staff. Evaluates staff performance and development.  Leads weekly staff meetings and continuously provides feedback on individual performance.  Along with your unit leader, the head counselor is a support person for any staff related issues.

Camper Specialist:
Works with Unit Leaders in monitoring camper well being as well as quality control for camp life.  Serves as parent liaison and maintains contact with campers in all divisions. Assists with tutoring, inspection, lost and found, camper cleanliness, parent contact, prospective campers, and special activities.  Does a lot of work with younger campers.|

Head of Junior Camp and Head of Senior Camp:
These new positions (2022) will report to the Camper Specialist and will directly supervise the Unit Leaders.  These supervisors will provide support, observations, and feedback to the Camper Specialist, specifically within their segment of camp. This person is also the point person for campers and staff above their ULs, as well as parents.

Unit Leaders:
The unit leader is responsible for all campers and counselors in his/her division. Any camper problems that a counselor needs help with should first be referred to the unit leader. Also, unit leaders will assist in evaluating each staff member’s performance, having regular meetings with staff, on an individual basis, and keeping them aware of the quality of their work.

Athletic Director:
Is in charge of all camp athletic programs. Coordinates inter-camp coaches and referees. Head of both our intramural College League and Color War competitions. Along with the program director, assigns field space for all camp competitions and oversees all intramural and inter-camp competitions. Final authority on all sports disputes.

Waterfront Director:
Is in charge of all campers and staff when at the waterfront. His/her word is final concerning all aquatic activity (camper discipline at the waterfront, counselors use of equipment, etc.). During all waterfront periods the waterfront director will make coverage assignments for both waterfront counselors and land staff in attendance.

Director of Instructionals:
Oversees the camper instructional sign-ups, and coordinate the instructional schedule.

Land Sports Director:
Monitors and evaluates quality of instructionals. Works directly with activity heads and head counselor in assessing staff performance. Reviews and approves all instructional lesson plans.  Coordinates free play and evening games for campers and staff.

Theater Director:
Is responsible for casting and directing the four College League plays and end of the year musical (ManiTony Awards).

Creative Director:
Oversees the staff and quality of all creative departments and facilities.

Junior Counselor:
Juniors and seniors in high school – usually less experienced working with children. They have the same general responsibilities as counselors, but do not assume the leadership roles when senior counselors are present. All junior counselors have a midnight curfew and must sign in with a director, except on a day off.

Senior Counselor:
Nineteen years and older – assumes the majority of cabin responsibilities. There are at least two in every cabin. They are the role models for campers and junior counselors. All staff have a 1:00 a.m. curfew, except on day off.

Office Personnel:
Are responsible for office operations, sorting and distributing mail and packages, keeping camp on schedule with bugle calls and announcements, source of information for staff and campers.

The medical staff lives in the camp infirmary and are available 24 hours a day for emergencies. The doctor lives nearby camp and is on call.

The laundry staff oversees the cleaning of linens. They hold cabin cleaning supplies and maintain a lost and found.

The crew in charge of keeping the buildings and grounds in repair. It is the counselor’s responsibility to report all maintenance problems. This includes problems with your cabin, instructional area, and the camp vehicles that you use. The maintenance crew will attempt to handle all problems in a timely fashion.

Dining Hall:
A staff that includes: chef, baker, two assistant chefs, prep staffs, dishwashers, floor sweepers and waiters. The kitchen staff prepares three meals a day, seven days a week, for the entire camp population.