Your contract states your departure date. Manitou provides a bus to Boston (Logan Airport) on the afternoon of August 8th.
Manitou cannot guarantee assistance on getting to a departure city for you but will do its best to accommodate.
Transportation to the Waterville bus station is provided if necessary. The bus can take you to most major northeastern cities.
Bus departs camp at 1pm, should arrive in Portland by 3pm, and Boston by 5pm (please make your flight arrangements accordingly)

Before receiving your end of summer bonus, we ask that the following items are completed:

  • Your personal area and/or cabin is COMPLETELY clean and ready for use for  other post-camp groups (must be cleared by a director)

  • You have returned any and all camp equipment to the appropriate place, this includes any camp sheets and towels to the laundry.

  • Your shed key (if you had one) is returned to the office

  • Your walkie talkie (if you had one) is returned to the office

  • If you are an activity head, you have completed and turned in your Equipment Inventory sheet

If you are chaperoning a travel group and are leaving prior to the rest of your campers and co-counselors, you will be responsible for all of your personal items and area plus helping out your co-counselors prior to your departure.   Lack of effort reflects poorly on you and your candidacy for rehire.