Make Every Day Count

The BIG 3

    1. 49 Days! The seven weeks of a Manitou summer come and go in a blink of an eye. Manitou’s Core Value Make Every Day Count is intended to remind us of the importance of each moment of the summer.  
    2. This summer we’ll have 150 boys who are new to Manitou! For some, it will be their first time away from home while others will be transitioning from previous experiences.  These boys will have many questions and need our assurance that they matter and our welcome in our community.
    3. 178 boys have spent at least four summers at Manitou and 45 are entering their seventh, eighth or ninth summer (and one boy is entering summer #10!). These boys love the consistency of camp, their friendships with each other, and our staff but they also are eager to have new experiences and fulfill greater goals.

Staff Member of the Week

Mike Karp, back left, returns to Manitou this summer as our Associate Director and leader of the CIT division and Leadership Program.  Mike was a seven-year camper and later became a counselor, College League dean and Color War chief.  He returns to Manitou after spending several years working in full-time roles at other summer camps.


Important Dates