Traveling to Manitou: Last Minute Tips

The BIG 3

    1. We asked Alex R and Nadia D for packing advice.  Alex suggested leaving the toiletries and towels at home. “You can get them at Walmart. I also normally don’t pack a raincoat and buy one out there if the summer looks like it’s going to get rainy!” Nadia agreed and added, “Get a US phone and Sim card. Also, Americans love hats – buy one here!
    2. Check your visa and travel forms! Tom J advised arriving at the airport early, “What’s an extra hour when you are traveling for over 24.
    3. First meal for the international staff? Nadia also offered some advice on what to eat when you arrive, “The bagels at the Quincy Market in Boston are so good. Scully took us there my first year and I couldn’t believe how much food was there haha. The size of everything at McDonald’s is crazy. Also, try pretzels! Hot dogs from a baseball game if they can manage to get to one. and of course, a pizza slice in NY (they’re huge!)”

Staff Members of the Week


Keith Girard, the Head of the Culinary program, and Adah Murray, the Sophomore Unit Leader, are this week’s Staff Members of the Week! 



  • Does your family know where you are going this summer? Share this contact info with them.  You can also create guest accounts on MyManitou so they can view photos of Manitou.
  • Are you driving to Manitou? These directions can be helpful.
  • What does Manitou look like? Check out this interactive map.

Important Dates