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Andy Ambat: Musician, Teacher, Fitness Guru, and more

Andy Ambat (right), and former Manitou staff member John Fernandes are members of the Bangalore band Fernandes Fusion.

Manitou has been my summer home for the past 8 years. While away from Maine I live in Bangalore, India.  Here I teach private music lessons (guitar and piano) to 37 students. I also play lead guitar for a band called ‘Fernandes Fusion’ (they are about to play the Hard Rock Bangalore). We are a 7 piece band of which 5 members are part of Stephanie Fernandes’ family, hence the name. Three of Steph’s brothers (one of them being JAF) her dad and sister are in the band. We play all types of music from many different musical eras.

Another aspect of my life in India is helping assist my parents with 8 non-profit schools they run for street children. (www.buildingblocksindia.org). In India, there is no Public School system available to children from low-income families, so a large majority of kids don’t get the opportunity to go to school.  Here is where Building Blocks aims to bridge the gap and give these children a chance. Building Blocks currently works with over 1,000 children, providing them with free education and two nutritious meals a day.

On a personal health and fitness level, I’m currently training for a Triathlon. The one-and-only Larry Rodman has been my inspiration and role model in helping me push my limits. One day I hope to follow in his footsteps and do an Ironman.

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