I Successfully Brought a Friend to Camp

Do you want to assist us in hiring the best staff for 2019? Each summer, we are fortunate many veteran counselors return but we usually need to hire 40-50 new people.  Who doe well at Manitou?
* People with a fun personality
* Those who enjoy working with kids
* The person with a ton of energy
* Anyone who is willing to drink the milkshake at the end of the Staff Talent Show
We recently asked James Wright about his experience bringing James Sabey to Manitou:
“Completing my first summer at Manitou, returning to England with amazing memories and lifelong friendships was terrific. Having lived these experiences, people always ask and question about what happened, how it was and would I go back.
Of course I would go back!
Friends are a key backbone to the enjoyment and love for Manitou. James was a friend at college who always asked about camp. Having been in school with James, knowing his high energy and sense of humour, I knew he would be a perfect fit. This quickly got me to invite him to Manitou.
During his first summer, he arrived at camp a week before me and immediately fit right into place and I was really excited to join him.
Bringing a friend to Manitou is a great thing. Sharing experiences with camp friends and friends from home, even if you are from another country, is a special way to share the place with friends and extend the Manitou community.”

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