Making an Impact Through A Summer Camp Internship

Hunter Kossover launched Manitou’s Tumbling program during the 2020 summer. Hunter used the experience to satisfy the requirements for his 13-week university internship.
seeps over East Pond as the warm surface water mingles with the cool morning air. A family of loons calls to each other with spine-chilling hoots that echo softly across the glassy water. An arsenal of birches, hemlocks, spruces, and maples stand guard along the shore, towering high in the pastel morning light. 
A few hours later, the quiet serenity shatters into a bustling array of life. Everyone flocks to the water on fishing boats, paddleboards, and kayaks. Children scream with delight as they bounce through inflatable aquatic obstacle courses. In the evening, a brilliant tapestry of color drapes across the sky. Glasses clink as families host cocktail hours on docked pontoon boats. Click to continue reading.


  • Persuasion, Collaboration, Creativity. How do staff members grow these skills while working at camp? Consider using camp to train your Emotional Intelligence.
  • A families relationship with their dog transformed during the pandemic and gives hope to empathy and redemption.