Stay Healthy This Summer


  1. All Manitou facilities are open for staff use during their free time
  2. All cabin staff members are included in 3 “day-off” groups.  Your day off is a great opportunity to explore Maine and New England.
  3. Set goals for your summer, use working at Manitou as an opportunity to grow your skills.

Staff Members of the Week

Pete and Crystal Hansen are this week’s staff members of the week (and their son Koa is the camper of the week).  Pete is Manitou’s Operations Director and Crystal is the Events Director and Staff Wellness Director.


An Active Staff Is A Happy Staff:  You’ll have time off each day and we want to see you out and about using our facilities.  Click to learn more.

Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Others: This short video reminds us of our responsibilities as role models.

Important Dates

April 21: Staff photo due

April 28: Smoke-Free Policy and Disclosure Form due