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Manitou is fortunate to host a program in late August called Manitou Experience, a week-long camp for boys who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or primary caregiver.
Founded in 2009, Experience Camps, now operate eight programs across the US for boys and girls, including ManEx.  Serving almost 500 children each summer, the program has a profound impact, and Manitou’s connection to it runs deep.
Many Manitou alums volunteer for the program, some from the recent past and others who went to Manitou many years ago. This week, we feature Anthony Fursman, a Manitou staff member from 2012-2015, who maintains his contact with Manitou by volunteering for ManEx.

What does he do now?

I work as an Account Director for an IT Solutions company in Bristol UK. I manage a team of employees who run IT projects for large organizations across England & Wales. My Summers at Manitou gave me incredible memories that I will never forget and close friendships that will last a lifetime. Whilst I am unable to return for a full summer, I have been fortunate enough to Volunteer at Manitou Experience every year since I left. Whilst very different from the full summer at Manitou, ManEx has allowed me to reconnect with a large amount of the Manitou community and give back to an incredible cause.


  • Be yourself. Manitou is the most understanding and welcoming place I have ever been to and it will always embrace individual personalities/cultures.
  • Try everything. There are so many amazing activities/events at camp that you are unlikely to experience anywhere else.
  • Embrace tradition. Whilst some of the traditions may seem foreign at first, embracing them will ensure you have the best experience possible.
  • Make a difference. Campers are the most important part of Manitou and you are trusted with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in their lives.
  • Be happy. You are at the most magical place on earth and you should enjoy every moment of it!

Important Dates

April 28th – Smoke-Free Campus and Disclosure Policy Due

May 12th – Travel Form