How To Take Time For Yourself At Camp

The Big 3

How to Take Time for Yourself at Camp

The Big 3 (1)
Andy Ambat and Steph and John Fernandes show off the India flag before Manitou’s annual 4th of July parade.

Camp has some amazing facilities that you can avail of during your off periods.
Some things I enjoy doing when I have a little free time are:


  • Heading up to Alumni Hall and shooting the ball around
  • Going for a run.
  • Taking a SUP board and paddling out to the Island (I always ask permission from the Waterfront director when I do this).
  • Joining a yoga class.
  • Get a game of 3 on 3 footy going in the Rec Hall.
  • Stopping by the band room and having a quick jam. (Advisory warning: make sure to check in with JPJ before attempting this one)
  • Chilling by the flagpole and talking college league with Waldo.
  • Joining the climbing tower instructional and have a go at making it to the top.
  • Playing cornhole and spike ball down by the waterfront.

Using your downtime wisely will go a long way in helping you stay fresh over the course of the summer.
– ANDY AMBAT, 8-year Manitou staff member

The Big 3 (3)
Jordan and Meghan Shoop posted this photo of themselves in the Arizona desert for #wearmanitou17

It’s important to get away from camp when you have the time. If I hang around during an off day, I will definitely end up working. There are so many fun places to spend your time in Maine: Portland, Bar Harbor and Acadia, Camden, and Freeport, to name a few. On weekends there’s usually a lobster or blueberry festival somewhere close by. If you’re not sure where to start, just ask around, there’s always a trip in the works. On a day to day basis, the waterfront is my favorite place to relax. You can normally find a handful of nurses down there; paddleboarding, reading, napping, or playing with our infirmary mascot, a friendly dalmatian named Luna.


I also drink an inhuman amount of coffee and try to catch up with my sister (who works at camp) as often as possible. Manitou is so much fun that it’s easy to forget to use downtime time. But in order to do your best for the kids, you have to take some time for yourself.
– Meghan Shoop, 3-year Manitou staff member

The Big 3 (2)
Taylor Zisholtz posted this photo of herself in Florence for #wearmanitou17

There are a few things that I find that help me to take a mental break from the intensity of camp life 24/6.

The lake escape certainly ranks number one as the perfect place to zone out. The sunsets are incredible and somehow that water washes some tension away every time.

Number two on the hit list is The Ice Cream Place, aka ICP. The Raspberry Roadrunner and Coffee Heath Bar Milkshakes could re-energize any worn out soul.  Make sure to get the green light from Corey and your Unit Leader, and don’t get greedy but getting away from camp for even just a half hour makes a world of difference sometimes.

No matter how worn out I feel I find that if I take a run, and it doesn’t have to be a long one, it reenergizes me every time. Early morning, before the heat or after dinner, before evening activity, are the ideal times.

It’s not hard to find a hoop and a basketball, or grab a buddy and hit some tennis balls. Taking a stand-up paddleboard out at sunset, even for just a half hour, always does the trick.

– Taylor Zisholtz, 5-year Manitou staff member

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