Food Touring with Kim

Wow has time flown by. After leaving camp on Sept 24th, I headed down to Virginia to start our new phase in life. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to the few of us that hung in till the very end.

It seems I have been nonstop since I left Maine.

We found our forever home, a beautiful log cabin on 3 acres in the woods, and moved in over Thanksgiving weekend. My family and I have been approaching each day as an adventure. From exploring the vast wine region that has exploded in Northern Virginia to visiting so many museums, every day brings new opportunities. It’s been daunting catching up on my history that I have seemed to have forgotten. Lol. I’ve been spending time with my beautiful nephew, who will turn 2 in February (our main reason for the move to Virginia) and eating my way through all the awesome cultures that are represented here. I have had Ethiopian, Chinese Hot Pots, Indian, Southern, Italian, Jewish, Pakistan, Jamaican, to name a few. I have taken in many recipes from some of my favorites and look forward to sharing them with you.

See you all soon.

Kim Brownell
Exec Chef, Manitou Dining


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