Wearing Manitou Around the World

While Wear Manitou Day is a quick celebration and reminder of the depth of our community, many of us wear Manitou almost all of the time. I am always amazed by the chance encounters I have with Manitou people. Since the summer, I’ve “bumped” into four separate camp families in my neighborhood and crossed paths with a Manitou alum in the airport. Regardless of whether they were “wearing” Manitou gear (most were), the chance meetings brought a smile a good feeling to my day.

We are well into the 2020 hiring season, are you planning to return next summer? Let us know so we hold your job. Do you know someone who would be a terrific addition to our team? Send them the application and tell them to apply, TODAY!

Veteran staff should click here to re-apply while new staff should click here.

HR Corner

As we near the end of 2019, I want to remind everyone to make sure that I have the most current mailing address on file for you.  Your 2019 W-2 will be mailed out at the end of the tax year and I want to be sure that it gets to you without any issues.  If you have moved and need to update your mailing address it is imperative that you get in touch with me immediately!  

Please send an email to cathy@campmanitou.com and I will update our records accordingly.  

Wishing you and your families all the very best during this holiday season.  

Cathy Hutchinson,  Manitou HR Personnel Director


This month, the American Camp Association is offering free memberships for all former staff members. Becoming a member of the ACA gives you access to job opportunities, professional development resources, and discounts. You can join by licking this link and using the code: FreeNov19

Are you on the fence about returning to Manitou for summer 2020? What is holding you back? This article challenges the reader to consider how another summer at camp will grow and change you.