First Impressions

The latest episode of Staff Stories features Videographer Miguel Binnios, who shares how he found Manitou, fell in love with the community, and how working with kids has made him a better problem solver.


This fall, we participated in many professional development opportunities focusing on hiring and training strategies. We were fortunate to engage Dr. Jason Jones, an organizational psychologist who was the keynote speaker at the ACA Staffing Summit. Dr. Jones recently published this summary about a corporate study related to leadership skills. The study finds top companies are prioritizing these skills when considering employees for leadership opportunities:

  1. Relationship Building (trust-building)
  2. Resilience/Adaptability/Change Management – Comfort with Ambiguity and Uncertainty
  3. Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
  4. Wellness/Managing Stress
  5. Coaching and Feedback

Dr. Jones writes, “A premium is being place on leaders who have the capacity to demonstrate the skills of relationship building, emotional intelligence, empathy, support, resilience, change management, and coaching.”

How can we assist our staff members in growing these skills? Share your ideas.