Growing and Building Skills

Former camper Jonathan Merlin works at Manitou as a Cabin Counselor and Baseball instructor. He shares strategies to step into leadership opportunities and roles as a staff member.


  • Lost Boys: Finding Their Way at Summer Camp is a helpful reminder of why boys find success in single-gender camps such as Manitou. The author shares examples of how boys felt “being more of their real selves at camp,” while also citing six reasons why boys do well in the single gender community.
  • All it takes is one bad “apple” to slow us down! Thanks to Vaughn Beckwith for sharing this article about Talent v Attitude. According to the researcher, a player with a negative attitude could put a team at a disadvantage of 30-40%
  • Do you want to “sell” camp to your friends but aren’t sure how to explain it? You are not alone. Check out this post on the Camp Woodland for Girls website about talking points to share with friends who might be a terrific addition to our community. We need your help because your network has people who would be great additions to our community.