Get Out of the Cold and Meet Liz from the Health Center

Nurse Liz takes us behind the scenes at the Manitou Health Center. Learn about why she comes back to Manitou, how to pronounce her last name (Znamierowski) and she reveals the name of her first Manitou friend!


  • A camp parent recently shared this short NPR episode on Anxiety and Depression because she thought of how our staff connect with her children. In the podcast, Dr. Pamela Cantor, founder of Turnaround for Children, says, “Where parents are able to be one of the people their kids trust the most, then parents or teachers or a wonderful coach can be the antidote to (anxiety and depression). And that means that they probably have to not judge, not blame, not criticize but be curious and interested about their kids’ lives and create that space, the safe space where a young person wants to tell you what’s actually going on.” How does this relate to relationships camp counselors build with their campers?
  • JD follows Tim Elmore’s Glowing Leaders blog and shared this article with our leadership team because it does a nice job explaining the potential value of a conversation with older campers about what they aspire to be.