Communication and Collaboration The latest episode of Staff Stories features Unit Leader Emily Serridge, who shares advice on how to communicate and collaborate with co-counselors. Resources For most of our staff members, working at Manitou will not be your full-time job. The authors of this blog post share ways they used their experience to make connections with … Continue reading Communication and Collaboration

Becoming A Camp Counselor Former camper and current counselor Sam Selig shares about why he returns to Manitou, his summer goals, and how he's adapted to life as a camp counselor. Click to add a reminder to your calendar to join the Office Hour Resources Did you miss a recent email? Catch up on what's happening by viewing … Continue reading Becoming A Camp Counselor

First Summer Reflections: Building Meaningful Relationships Is Key to Success

Aria Tung (center), was a first-year counselor in 2020. An important outcome of her experience was her ability to build terrific relationships with her campers, co-counselors, and supervisors. Resources Caring for Others: Vail Resorts psychologist (and Manitou Head Counselor), Dr. Corey Levy, provides helpful tips on how to engage with a friend, family member … Continue reading First Summer Reflections: Building Meaningful Relationships Is Key to Success

Making an Impact Through A Summer Camp Internship

Hunter Kossover launched Manitou's Tumbling program during the 2020 summer. Hunter used the experience to satisfy the requirements for his 13-week university internship. seeps over East Pond as the warm surface water mingles with the cool morning air. A family of loons calls to each other with spine-chilling hoots that echo softly across the … Continue reading Making an Impact Through A Summer Camp Internship

Growing Up At Manitou

Jonathan Stepakoff shares stories of his accomplishments and offers advice to current and new staff members. "Step" lives in suburban DC where he works for Capital One. In 2020, he returned to Manitou while working remotely for his full-time job. Check out Manitou's LinkedIn Page and this American Camp Association Resource about translating your … Continue reading Growing Up At Manitou